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  • The REAL HELIOS HYPERION is perhaps the best all around “duty” light on the market. It features a one handed operation to control four brightness levels and has a direct to strobe function.

  • The 2500 lumen output is blinding and the beam is wide enough for superior situational awareness. HYPERION uses a magnetic USB cable for recharging and convenience.

  • Small size, superior performance and long runtime makes the HYPERION a favourite of people needing reliable light for their professional work places.

  • The REAL HELIOS HYPERION is extremely powerful and compact, second to none for its tactical and situational applications, featuring one-handed operation to control 5 brightness levels and incorporating a direct to strobe function.

  • Using the latest CREE XHP50 LED to produce a maximum of2550Lm

  • The HYPERION is machined from aircraft grade aluminium which makes it light and durable having an IPX8 waterproof rating, giving you peace of mind when faced with inclement weather.

  • Able to submerge to 2m the HYPERION is a perfect fit for law enforcement, outdoor enthusiasts and other professions looking for a performance torch for everyday carry (EDC). 

  • Included is a holster, perfect for law enforcement, security or military who need Easy Access to the torch, the HYPERION can also be mounted on other equipment when needed.

  • The 2550Lm output has the ability to disrupt vision with every push of the button, putting the advantage to the person who wields the HYPERION.


  • Warranty

    LIFETIME  Warranty for peace of mind!

    See the Warranty section for full details

  • Specification

    • LED Type:                           Cree XHP50 White LED

    • Battery:                               18650 Rechargeable Li-ion

    Length:                                138.6mm

    Bezel Diameter:                 25.4mm

    Body Diameter:                  23mm

    • Weight:                               85g (without battery)

    • Illumination:                      0.64 Lm 50days / 71 Lm 20.9hrs / 270 Lm 5.7hrs / 1135Lm 2.11hrs / 2550Lm 2.02hrs • Strobe:                         790Lm / 4.4hrs

    • Max Distance:                    197m

    • Waterproof:                       IPX8

    • Impact Resistant:              2m

  • Charging Info


    • Plug USB end of charging cable into a 5 V power source
    • Attach magnetic end of the charging cable to the charging port on the flashlight.
    • The status indicator will turn RED to indicate charging mode
    • When charging is complete the light will the light will change from RED to BLUE


    • Using a blunt pointed object, carefully insert under the rubber magnetic charging port and lift up to remove from the torch.
    • Once the micro-USB charging port has been exposed, insert a standard micro-USB charging cable to begin charging
    • The status indicator will turn RED to indicate charging mode
    • When charging is complete the light will the light will change from RED to BLUE


                    30% remaining, the indicator will turn RED

                    10% remaining, the indicator will FLASH RED

  • Includes



    18650 3200 mAh Rechargeable Battery

    • Magnetic USB Charging Cable

    • Engineered Plastic Holster


    • Spare O-Rings

    • Instruction Manual

£109.95 Regular Price
£104.45Sale Price
VAT Included
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