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  • The REAL HELIOS ASTERIA is the ultimate easy to operate Mountable flashlight with anti-slip knurling, combining compact size and the convenience of being rechargeable with the 18650 battery and magnetic charging cable.
  • Milled out of Aircraft Grade Aluminium finished with Type 3 Anodizing and has 5 different settings up to 4200 Lumen output from the Cree XHP70 White LED that incorporates a unique digital circuit technology to maximize battery life
  • Auto Memorization for all settings and an Emergency Strobe.
  • The double coated, break resistant tempered glass lens gives the Maximum Out the Front (OTF) brightness and beam distance.
  • Warranty

    LIFETIME  Warranty for peace of mind!

    See the Warranty section for full details

  • Specification

    • LED Type:                           Cree XHP70 White LED

    • Battery:                               18650 HIGH DISCHARGE Rechargeable Li-ion or 2X CR123A

    Length:                                151.9mm

    Bezel Diameter:                 36.5mm

    Body Diameter:                  25.4mm

    • Weight:                               152g (without battery)

    • Illumination:                      0.72Lm 60Day / 790Lm 5.06Hrs / 1430Lm 1.23Hrs / 4200Lm 1.23Hrs

    • Strobe:                                830 Lm / 3 hrs

    • Max Distance:                    214m

    • Waterproof:                       2m

    • Impact Resistant:              2m

  • Features

    • Utilizes a Cree XHP70 White LED latest LED that enables the ASTERIA to produce 4200
    • 5 different brightness modes for different lighting needs and different battery runtime.
    • Produces a super long throw up to 214 meters combined with an impressive flood light to illuminate objects at both long and close distances.
    • Offers an intuitive, friendly user interface for effortless utility.
    • Provides quick access to multiple general illumination modes and strobe feature through an intelligently designed interface for tactical and self defence uses.
    • Features an auto-memorization for direct on/off access to all brightness levels plus strobe.
    • Unique digital circuit control technology to maximize battery life and consistent light output performance.
    • Protects electronics against damage caused by improper battery installation through a reverse polarity protection circuit.
    • Assures long-lasting performance using body-parts made from aircraft grade aluminium.
    • Maintains its appearance through extreme weather and rugged treatment with a tough, durable Type III anodized finish.
    • Includes a lens made of tempered glass with double-sided coating that resists breakage or scratching on impact while maximizing light output.
    • Preserves LED and electronic components with a superior heat sink designed for quick heat dispersion.
    • Resists water damage by a precision O-ring sealed design to provide reliable use in extreme conditions.
    • Advanced ergonomic design with anti-slip knurling and matte style finish for firm grip.
    • Incorporates a built-in removable pocket clip.
    • Operates easily in tactical situations using a push button side switch that is built into the tail cap.
    • Includes a high quality engineered plastic holster designed to fit belts of various sizes.

                      30% remaining, the indicator will turn RED

                      10% remaining, the indicator will FLASH RED

  • Charging Info


    • Plug USB end of charging cable into a 5 V power source
    • Attach magnetic end of the charging cable to the charging port on the flashlight.
    • The status indicator will turn RED to indicate charging mode
    • When charging is complete the light will the light will change from RED to BLUE



    • Using a blunt pointed object, carefully insert under the rubber magnetic charging port and lift up to remove from the torch.
    • Once the micro-USB charging port has been exposed, insert a standard micro-USB charging cable to begin charging
    • The status indicator will turn RED to indicate charging mode
    • When charging is complete the light will the light will change from RED to BLUE
  • Includes


    • Pocket Clip


    Engineered Plastic Holster

    • Instruction Manual

VAT Included
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