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  • The REAL HELIOS NYX has been engineered with the latest cutting-edge technology to give unbeatable reliability. Designed to be the ultimate search & rescue handheld flashlight that produces 10,500 lumens with an extra-long throw up to 675m.
  • Ideal for professional first-responders, explorers or any other activities requiring a tremendous amount of illumination. Advanced thermal management with built-in cooling fan and Type III anodized aluminium body make dissipates heat efficiently without overheating.
  • A sealed, rechargeable 8-cell circuit-protected 18650 lithium-ion battery pack is integrated into the light to provide many years of dependable service.
  • The REAL HELIOS NYX is very easy to operate simply depress the side button switch to turn on/off; then rotate the circular rotary ring surrounding the power switch to scroll through the 5 illumination settings.


  • Warranty

    LIFETIME  Warranty for peace of mind!

    See the Warranty section for full details

  • Specification

    • LED Type:                           Cree XHP70 & Cree XM-L2 White LED

    • Battery:                               8 Cell 18650 HIGH DISCHARGE Rechargeable Li-ion (3400mAh)

    Length:                                307mm

    Bezel Diameter:                 90mm

    Body Diameter:                  50mm

    • Weight:                               1.68Kg (without battery)

    • Illumination:                      950Lm 15Hrs / 4200Lm 2.7Hrs / 10500Lm 1.7Hrs  

    • Strobe:                                10500Lm / 3.4hrs

    • SOS:                                     10500Lm / 3.4hrs

    • Max Distance:                    675m

    • Waterproof:                       IPX6

    • Impact Resistant:              1m

  • Features


    • Utilizes one CREE XHP70 and six CREE XM-L2 U2 high-power white LED that produces an amazing 10,500 lumens at its brightest and Strobe setting.
    • Super-long 675 meters beam throws with an impressive flood light and tight centre beam to illuminate objects at both long and close distances
    • Simple, user-friendly interface utilizes a circular rotary ring to change lighting mode functions
    • Digital-circuit control microprocessor maximizes battery life and monitors consistent light output performance.
    • Built-in waterproof cooling fan for superior active heat dissipation (AHD) to maintain long uninterrupted use.
    • Machined from aircraft-grade aluminium; Type III anodized finish
    • O-ring sealed to IPX-6 waterproof standard.
    • Stainless steel rings on both the head and tail-cap allow for ergonomic nylon shoulder strap application
    • Advanced anti-slip knurling and matte style finish provide for a firm grip.
    • LED type: CREE XHP70 and CREE XM-L2 U2 white LED.
    • Rotary switch for adjusting brightness levels / functions.
    • Battery pack: 8 cell 18650 (3400 mAh) rechargeable Li-ion sealed battery pack with protective circuit board (disassembly of battery pack will void lifetime warranty)
    • Maximum output power up to 90W.
  • Charging Info


    • Plug-in to power source
    • Plug charging cable into the charging port on the rear of the flashlight
    • Power level indicator will light up
      • One light flashing = less than 30% charged
      • One light on & 2nd light flashing = 30-70% charged
      • Two lights on & 3rd flashing = more than 70% charged
      • 3 lights on = 100% charged & judging complete



    • Press and hold the charging switch in the tail
    • The power level indicator lights will turn on and stay on (If there is no light please refer to charging instructions)
    • The USB port is ready to charge other devices
    • Uncover the rubber USB output port
    • Insert your own USB cable
    • the power level indicator light will stay on
  • Includes



    • Wall Charger

    • Nylon Shoulder Strap

    • Instruction Manual

    • Case

    • Instruction Manual

VAT Included
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